Since 2017, you can sign up as a member through our website.

Membership of the RBSS includes: free subscription to the online version of the Acta Chirurgica Belgica (if a printed version is required, a sum of 70,00 € needs to be asked), free attendance to all postgraduate courses of the RBSS’ sections, free access to the RBSS website, reduced registration fee at the annual Belgian Surgical Week.

After registration, your membership application will have to be ratified during the General Assembly of the Society, according to the bylaws of the Society. In the meantime you can already enjoy all benefits related to your RBSS membership status.


Apply for a regular RBSS membership, when you are a recognized surgeon.

To be promoted to a titular membership equalling the status of 'fellow of the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery, you have to be ordinary member for at least 3 years, have at least one oral communication during the Belgian Surgical Week and have published at least one article in the Acta Chirurgica Belgica as first or last author.

Apply for block BAST-RBSS Membership when you are still in training and want to become member of RBSS as well as BAST (Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees).  

Apply for a senior RBSS membership when you are retired but still wnat to particpate in the activities of the society.

Apply for an extra-ordinary membership when you are a non-surgeon or not eligible to become an RBSS member but want to participate in eg. the History section.


If you are new to the, check our FAQ section on how to signup for society membership or sections!

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