Following the success and the scope of the activities set up by the RBSS since 2018, the board decided to erect the Educational Committee.

Since 2018 and continued through 2019, RBSS organised the VATS tour, the Colorectal tour, two RBSS-meets-BAST-sessions. Moreover, as our society was asked to patronise the initiation and organisation of the Belgian 'edition' of the ATLS as the national surgical scientific organisation, it was decided to entrust these activities to an educational commitee created within the RBSS.


The Educational Committee is composed of the president and past-president of the RBSS and the BAST as well as the webmaster, the treasurer, the ATLS manager and a junior member who is the link between the BAST and the RBSS. The committee task is to organise educational events outside the 'classic' postgraduate courses and educational activities of the sections, create links between stakeholders and sponsors and probe for interest with surgeons who want to be engaged in educational activities. To conclude, the committee will co├Ârdinate the start-up of the Belgian branch of the ATLS-course.  

Check this page regularly to get informed about upcoming activities, and also check the event calendar on the home page!

Update 25-6-2020:

Application for the VATS Tour 2020-2021 is now open. Check the application details here



Committee Roster for 2019-2020:

Past President RBSS and chair of the committee: J. Lemaitre

President RBSS: C. de Gheldere

Webmaster: H. Van Veer

Treasurer: S. Devriendt

President BAST: S. Devriendt

Past President BAST: S. Ovaere

ATLS manager: M .Thoma

RBSS-BAST link: S. Michiels

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