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The Belgian Section for Upper GI Surgery aims to bring together surgeons with an interest in and tackling diseases of the upper GI tract in their daily practice. The subject of this section is thus to elaborate knowledge and establish peer review on treatment strategies of the esophagus and the stomach, which can be benign as well as malignant in their nature. All Belgian surgeons interested in this pathology are most welcome to join this platform!  



Call for centers interested in hosting a one-day program for the 2023 UpperGI Tour

This is a call for centers interested in co-organizing part of the 2023 Belgian Upper GI Tour, an initiative of the RBSS Education Committee and the BSUGIS.
Are you, as a surgeon/surgeon group/center, interested in providing a ONE-day program to two ambitious 5th or 6th year trainees interested in Upper GI surgery?
Goal of the tour:
For trainees: networking, see other techniques, see rare pathology, get a view on the spectrum of UpperGI Surgery
For organizing centers: getting engaged in specialized training, networking
The BSUGIS/RBSS is looking for 4-5 centers that want to welcome these trainees and organize an interesting UpperGI day between February 2023 – September 2023, with one visit every one or two months in the participating centers. 
Subjects to provide:
Benign/malignant esophageal surgery
Benign/malignant gastric surgery
Open, laparoscopic, robot, hybrid – one case or several cases
Multidisciplinary meeting, scientific meeting, laboratory visit, endoscopy, skills center visit, …
As the hosting center, one should provide timely practical information to the trainees, organize a small lunch, coffee, parking ticket, ... The BSUGIS/RBSS is obviously available for any practical support if necessary.
If you are interested, please let us know the pathology/cases you would like to show the trainees. If applicable, do you add a multidisciplinary meeting or a scientific meeting?
Deadline for application is November 15th, 2022. Contact s.ovaere.md@gmail.com, provide subject(s) and maybe even an example on how you would arrange a day for the visitors. Selection is made by the BSUGIS and RBSS EduCom, considering the subject/pathology, geography and program, as the goal is the provide the trainees a true Belgian tour and a variety of cases, meetings.
Looking forward,
The BSUGIS board & the RBSS Education Committee


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7th Spring Meeting 2022: Upper GI motility disorders

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6th Winter Meeting - 2020: enteral access in UIpper GI Surgery: how, what and when? 

5th Spring Meeting - 2019: Management of Upper GI Bleedings

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3rd Spring Meeting - 2017: updates on hiatal hernia

2nd Autumn meeting - 2016: updates on gastric cancer

2nd Spring Meeting - 2016: interactive cases on esophageal trauma

1st Autumn meeting - 2015: interactive cases on achalasia

1st Spring meeting - 2015: interactive cases on esophageal cancer






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