Gabrielle van Ramhorst MD, PhD 

FECSM, FEBS coloproctology, FSSO

University Hospital Ghent



Gabrielle Van Ramhorst obtained her MD in Leiden in 2004. She trained as a surgeon in Vlaardingen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and did fellowships in complex pelvic surgery in Amsterdam and Sydney.

In 209, she was a consultant in oncologic surgery focussing on complex oncologic pelvic surgery  in Glasgow and  was honorary senior clinical lecturer at the  university of Glasgow.

Since one year, she is consultant in oncologic surgery in the University hospital in Ghent. Her focus lies with complex surgery for colorectal and gynecological cancer, recurrent rectal cancer and retroperitoneal sarcomas.


Dr. van Ramshorst accepted to give a lecture during the virtual BSW dedicated to COVID-19:

-      "Operating on COVID-19 patients : M & M : an international cohort study" during the 'Surgery in times of COVID-19: What are the risks?' session on November 27th 2020.

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