Saturday, 24 September 2022
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Inter-university Cup

During the 2019-Belgian Surgical Week, the RBSS will organize its second Inter-university cup on Friday afternoon.



- A fun competition and fair play.

- Disciplines targeted: vascular surgery, cardiothoracic and upper digestive surgery, digestive    surgery, general surgery (breast, abdominal wall, endocrine), history of medicine

- Interaction between all the candidate-specialists of different years, all universities combined.

- Bring together the training supervisors and the candidate-specialists.


Composition of the teams:

- Seven teams from different universities (VUB, KUL, UZA, UGent, ULB, UCL, ULg).

- 4 teammembers:

  • Three trainees in each team
  • At least one trainee currently rotating in a non-university hospital
  • A trainee in their 1st - 2nd year, a 3rd – 4th year and a 5th – 6th year of training.
  • One coach-staff member per university



- Questions are asked about surgery but also history of medicine and general culture

- Some questions are preceded by an exercise of technical skill which needs to be properly completed before answering.

- Allocation of time: 3 minutes per question.

- One point per correct answer.

- The public can participate in the knowledge test by means of smartphone polls.


Authorized material to support the team:

- T-shirt

- Flags

- Caps

- Scarfs

- ...

CREATE YOUR TEAM and get coached by a Trainer: contact your training coordinator !

Send the names of the team members as soon as you have assembled your team to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.