Dear Colleagues,

In 2019, the Society will organize its 20th edition of the Belgian Surgical Week’s new era.

Last year, we had a very interesting congress dedicated to the expanding universe of surgical technology. Now it’s time to look back and see if we are always respecting one of the commitments of the Hippocratic oath “Primum non nocere”, “First do no harm”; theme which will be developed during the BSW 2019.

In the course of time, the position of the surgeon has dramatically changed from an almighty position to a consumer product, defenceless all along his/her practice. However, we must question the quality of care provided to our patients and develop some
strong and clear guidelines.

During the past meetings, especially the last one, specialists talked about accomplishing great and diffcult operations. However, this year I would like to hear honest reports on complications and how to treat or prevent them, along with the legal aspects on the subject. We can learn a lot from our errors, probably more than from our achievements. It would also be useful to have presentations about iatrogenic complications of other medical specialties.
We need to discuss learning curves and quotas.

The recently created Robotic Working Group will equally present its report.

During the congress, there will be a presidential symposium at which internationally renowned faculty members will bring their point of view on classifcation, management of complications as well as the impact of team work on this important theme.

Our traditional Surgical Night will be held on Thursday evening.

The Friday plenary session will be dedicated to the beneft of an open attitude towards complications and to the transfer of knowledge to the next generation.

I also want a lot of fun during the meeting! Therefore, our traditional football match and our interuniversity quiz will once again take place.

I sincerely hope that you will join us for interesting and enthusiastic debates.

With best regards,

Dr. Jean Lemaître
RBSS President 2018-2019

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