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Dear Colleagues,

The 23rd  Belgian Surgical Week will take place in the Ostend Thermae Palace, from Thursday   5th to Saturday 7th May 2022.

The scientific theme of the meeting, suggested by the President, and approved by the full Board is



We are increasingly faced with technological innovations that challenge our current practice. Until now the trend was to progressively limit the scope of surgical indications at the benefit of other medical specialties. Surgeons have however a unique knowledge of anatomy and a technical expertise that strongly supports their legitimacy to integrate those new treatment modalities in their arsenal. This underlines the need to rethink residents and postgraduate surgical training. Professional surgical organizations have also an important role to play to avoid a future where our role would be limited to rescue surgery.

Increasing the field of surgery relies on surgical innovations but also on new indications provided for example by new neoadjuvant modalities.

This year’s congress will allow to make a review of those advances and hopefully lead to include them in our surgical field.


The scientific committee of the R.B.S.S. will organise Free Paper, video and poster sessions which are not specifically limited to the general theme of the congress. Every topic is most welcome! Case reports will not be selected among the free papers.

Moreover, the possibility to submit a free paper, poster or video for participation in a special “Awards Session” honouring not only the best free paper, but equally the best poster and the best video will be possible. The rules will shortly be published on the website.

Sessions dedicated to the presentation of free papers, videos and poster separate from the ‘Award Session’ will equally be held.

We think that these meetings are really important, not only for our trainees, but also for every senior member of the R.B.S.S., as they will give the chance for everyone to share his/her experience and they will consequently offer a good opportunity for discussion and confrontation, which is really important for the life of the R.B.S.S.

We thus encourage you to submit abstracts to the following website :


Abstract submission is open between 13rd December 2021 and February 14th 2022 23:59:59 CET << abstract submission deadline extended!>>.


We thank you for your prompt collaboration,


Sincerely yours,

A. De Roover, RBSS’ President,

A. Dili and N. Komen, Scientific Secretaries

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