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Think out of the box

Dear colleagues,

We are all trained to think, diagnose, and treat from our own perspective, with our own set of rules, leaning on our training, our habits,
as well as on the evidence we know.

We use what we learned, the experience we gained, what we read, what our teachers, our mentors, our colleagues told us. And it often

However, more complex or unusual problems can’t always be solved using our familiar tools.
This is where creativity comes into play.

Looking at a problem from another perspective, through another lens, trying to see the bigger picture might help us in these situations.

In this year’s BSW two plenary sessions will be dedicated to the congress theme. We have the privilege to welcome a number of eminent
speakers, half of them non-surgeons. They will present exciting lectures on topics one might not expect in a surgical conference but which
no doubt will help us to look at surgery through another lens ; John Alverdy will explain us how our gut microbioma has an effect on
surgical outcome and will have a second lecture on the connection between science, surgery, and….music. Mischa Dohler will show us a
glimpse of what 5G networks could signify for surgeons, Mark Slack will make us question the trends and fashions in medicine, Martina
Lemmerer will tell us how being a pilot helps her during surgery, Tessa Richards will present her experience as doctor and a patient and
Kris VanHaecht will look to malpractice from the point of view of the perpetrator : the second victim.

We are happy all of our sections and affiliated societies wished to be part of the BSW ; they will all have or share a session. A number of
free paper sessions and a video session will of course give everybody an opportunity to showcase his/her work. The quiz is becoming a
classic, the surgical night will give all of you ample networking opportunities and and of course we hope you’ll visit our sponsors – who
make all of this possible – in the technical exhibit.

On Saturday morning the BGES/BAST/RBSS workshop has very popular and for the first time since many years, a limited scientific
program will be organized.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new venue in the heart of Antwerp, Flander’s biggest city: the Elisabeth Centre, within walking distance from one
of the world’s most beautiful railway stations.

Plenty of reasons to join us.

Save the date !

In name of the RBSS Board,

Charles de Gheldere
President RBSS 2019-2020