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Belgian Section for Colorectal Surgery

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Welcome to the ColoRectal Section!!!

Upcoming national and international events

 Next Event of our section 

SOON : Information leaflets available for downloading (only for BSCRS members)

First one on hemorroids,  anal condylomata and peri-anal fistula

possibility to download and edit for use in own hospital 

More to follow on frequent pathologies and procedures

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17th Postgraduate meeting

Friday 14th December 2018

Provinciaal Administratief Centrum Gent

Woodrow Wilsonplein 2-3

9000 GENT 

President: Y. Van Nieuwenhove

Course directors: M. Duinslaeger - M. Poortmans.


 8:30                 Welcome        Y. Van Nieuwenhove (Gent)

                              Keynote Lectures
                              Moderators :  C. Coimbra (Liège)
                                                   T. Feryn (Brugge)

9:00                 Colorectal peritoneal metastasis: what is the future for HIPEC?

                        W. Ceelen (Gent)

9:30                 Paraaortic and lateral lymph nodes in rectal cancer.

                        M. Kusters (Eindhoven, Nl)

10:00               New French guidelines on surgical management of diverticulitis.

                        Y. Parc (Paris, F)

10:30               Coffee break

11:00               Can surgeons influence recurrence of Crohn’s disease?

                        A. D’Hoore (Leuven) 

                             BSCRS communications      
                             Moderators:   B. Monami (Liège)
                                                   Y. Van Molhem (Aalst)

11:30               Bowel preparation: recommendation of the BSCRS.

                        A. Buggenhout (Bruxelles)


11:50               Extent of vascular resection in colon tumours.

                        P. Pletinckx (Gent)


12:10               Hereditary colorectal cancer guidelines and results from the Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Association Registry (FAPA

                        D. Leonard (Louvain-en-Woluwe)

12:30               Lunch

                             How I do it video’s
                            Moderators:  T. Vierendeels (Aalst)
                            D. Van de Putte (Gent)

14:00               Laparoscopic rectopexy with glued mesh fixation

                        P. Pattyn (Roeselare)

14:15               Robotic rectopexy

                        S. Van den Broeck (Edegem)

14:30               Colonic graft in transgender surgery

                        K. Claes (Gent)

14:45               Colorectal quiz: Multiple choice quiz with 20 questions on common and less common colorectal topics.

                        Quiz masters: A. Buggenhout (Bruxelles)

                                               D. Leonard (Louvain-en-Woluwe)

                        Would you recognize a rectal chancre from a cancer, a hemorrhoidal from a rectal prolapse?

                        Would you know what the operation of Dixon-Wangensteen means?

                        Participate in the BSCRS colorectal quiz and win a 100€ coupon.


16:00              End of the session.

Event sponsors

Registration:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                             Kindly mention whether you wish to register for the lunch too

Registration fee

Scientific program:     RBSS member : Free of charge

                                   Non RBSS member: 25 €

Lunch:                        All participants : 30 €

Deadline for lunch registration : 30th November 2018

Payment by transfer onto bank account number :

BE38 3101 6587 8372


With the mention “PGC-BSCRS 2018”




                                                                                   Friday 15th December  2017.

Military Hospital



 8.00               Meet the expert session

                       Retro-rectal tumors  P. Sagar (Leeds, U.K.)                  

                    Robotic CME (M. Gomez Ruiz (Santander, E)

9.00                Welcome (Y. Van Nieuwenhove, Gent)

                       Locally advanced rectal cancer/local recurrences and radical resections (sacretomy) (H. Rutten, Eindhoven, Nl)

                       Ex vivo ICG fluorescence imaging for sentinel lymph node detection (G. Liberale, Bruxelles)

                       Parastomal hernia (F. Muysoms, Gent)

10.30              Coffee break

11.00               Keynote lecture 1

                        Presacral tumors ( P. Sagar, Leeds, U.K.)

11.40               Keynote lecture 2

                        ROLLAR results (D. Jayne, Leeds, U.K.)

12.30               Lunch

13.30               Best Papers 2017

                        Impact papers on colorectal literature in 2017. Plenary discussion

13.50               How I do it. Part 1

                        Parastomal hernia: relocation of the ostomay by bilateral TAR and lateralization of the bowel (F. Berrevoet, Gent)

                        Omentoplasty in colorectal surgery (A. Wolthuis, Leuven)

14.35               Coffee Break

15.00               Key note lecture 3

                        Robotic complete mesocolic excision (M. Gomez Ruiz, Santander, E)

15.40               How I do it. Part 2

                        Repair of perioneal hernia (N. Komen, Antwerpen)

                        Near infrared fluorescence imaging of the ureter (j; Van den Bos, Maastricht, Nl)

                        Prevention and treatment of urologic problems during pelvic surgery The. De Sutter(antwerpen)


 Registration vipa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meeting           Free for RBSS members

                        Non members : 25,00 €

Lunch              30,00 €, same price for all.


Last Event of our Section

Keynote lecture on rectal cancer

Video session on TaTME in 3D


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      15th POSTGRADUATE MEETING                

      December 9th, 2016   LAMOT Congress centre, Mechelen
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