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Abstract submission deadline extended until Sunday February 12th, 23:59:59 CET!


Dear Colleagues,

The 24th  Belgian Surgical Week will take place in the Ostend Thermae Palace, from

Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th April 2023.

The scientific theme of the meeting, suggested by the President, and approved by the full Board is

Surgical preconditioning of Patient and Surgeon

A fit Surgeon for a fit Patient.


In general,  congresses focus on new technologies and innovations which will always  exist and remain important congress’ themes.  Yet the final surgical  outcome will not only be the result from appropriate surgical indication, meticulous surgical technique and cautious follow-up but also from the physical/psychological condition of the patient and her/his surgeon. We introduced ERAS in all different fields of surgery, but we can do better in the period between the surgical indication along with the planning and the final day of surgery: how to  optimize  this period to get our patient as fit as possible? What is the status of “surgical preconditioning”?

What about us as professionals? Are we as surgeons always in an optimal fit condition? Is our profession adapted  to the tasks we want to accomplish? How are surgical complications or eventual postop deaths affecting us? Did we do something wrong? Did we oversee something? Are we faced with lawsuits or audits and how do we cope? Is our surgical society performing well with our trainees? How are they doing after their recognition? There is a growing group of surgical fellows?

Thanks to the dynamism of the RBSS’ sections and affiliated societies, this year’s congress will  enable a review of those advances that have already arisen or that could be integrated in a near future in our surgical field.

The scientific committee of the R.B.S.S. has equally put together free Paper, Video and Poster sessions which are not specifically limited to the general theme of the congress. We thus encourage you to register and we look forward to welcoming you at the biggest surgical yearly event in Belgium.


Moreover, the possibility to submit a free paper, poster or video for participation in a special “Awards Session” honouring not only the best free paper, but equally the best poster and the best video will be possible. The instructions for athors rules can be found here.

Sessions dedicated to the presentation of free papers, videos and poster separate from the ‘Award Session’ will equally be held.

This meeting is an opportunity for everyone to share his/her experience and will offer a good opportunity for discussion and sharing ideas, which is the mission of our R.B.S.S. All this in the salty, convivial atmosphere of the Belgian coast.

Important to know:  at the end of 2023 a thorough refurbishing of the Thermae Palace will start. These works will take several years and we don’t know what the result will be or whether we will ever return. Therefore, the Belgian Surgical Week 2023-edition is a unique opportunity to take part in the great coastal atmosphere of the historical Thermae Palace.

Abstract submission is open between 15th  December 2022 and 31st January 2023 23:59:59 CET >> Abstract submission deadline extended until Sunday February 12th, 23:59:59 CET!


 We hope to meet you there,


We thank you for your prompt collaboration,

Sincerely yours,

D. Ysebaert                                                                                                                                   A. Dili & N. Komen

The RBSS’ President                                                                                                            The Scientific Secretaries

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