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Press release RBSS-BGES on acute surgical care

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On 10.04.2020, the RBSS and BGES sent out a press release to Belgian media on the noticed decrease of appendicitis since the outbreak of the COVID-19-pandemic and hence decrease in surgical management of this disease spectrum.

Read the NL press release here.

Read the FR press release here.


Following news articles were diffused based on the press release:

CoVID-19 for surgeons

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Dear all,


COVID-19 holds our whole world in a stranglehold.

Unlike  other countries we were lucky to have the opportunity to brace before things got out of hand.

We still don’t know how hard the virus  is going to hit us but at least most of our hospitals  did their best to be prepared for the attack.. 

We are all set. Or not. Only time will tell.

With this post, we want to reach out to you and offer you some background information as well as practical tips from within the surgical community. Check this page regularly as it will be updated along with expanding global knowledge and experiences.

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Busy autumn for RBSS

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Our first weekend of meeting between RBSS and BAST took place the weekend of October 20-21 2018. We had two very fruitful mornings with the trainees who could use several simulators. On Saturday afternoon, we had several team building activities on the race circuit of Francorchamps: pit stop and circuit tour aboard of a Renault Megane RS.

Just before the RBSS-BAST weekend, the first stage of the 'VATS tour-de-Belgique' took place in Erasme hospital. The VATS tour is supported by RBSS and wants to bring young promissing trainees together with renowned surgeons players in their domain of surgery - starting with thoracic surgery as a first discipline. Our two trainees (Dr Arendt and Dr Goeteyn) were able to attend a VATS lobectomy, Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, broncho-navigation and MOC. We had also a pleasant dinner on Thursday evening.



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Impressions of the first RBSS-BAST Weekend



Drs. Arendt en Goeteyn with dr. Sokolow during the first VATS tour at Erasme.

Educational Committee

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Following the success and the scope of the activities set up by the RBSS since 2018, the board decided to erect the Educational Committee.

Since 2018 and continued through 2019, RBSS organised the VATS tour, the Colorectal tour, two RBSS-meets-BAST-sessions. Moreover, as our society was asked to patronise the initiation and organisation of the Belgian 'edition' of the ATLS as the national surgical scientific organisation, it was decided to entrust these activities to an educational commitee created within the RBSS.

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Save The Date BSW 2020!

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BSW 2020      


 logo BSW2020

Congress theme : “OUT of the BOX”

Venue: Flanders Meeting and Convention Center, Antwerp (