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Previous Courses

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  • Published: Monday, 04 October 2010 10:26
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  • 04 Oct

Courses joined with other societies

Proctology course      co-organised with VVGE

1ste proctocursus 15-16/10/2010 Quartier Latin, Marche-en-Famenne
2de proctocursus 17-18/11/2016 Eburonhotel, Tongeren
3de proctocursus 07-08/11/2019 La reserve, Knokke


Postgraduate courses


18th PGC December 20th 2019

17th PGC December 14th 2018

16th PGC December 15th 2017

15th PGC December 9th 2016

14th PGC December 11th 2015

13th Postgraduate Course, 2014 Some like it hot!

12th PGC Borderline indications in colorectal surgery December 6th, 2013

11th PGC Laparoscopy in colorectal surgery December 7th, 2012

10th PGC Challenging aspects in Redo-surgery and difficult cases December 9th, 2011

9th Postgraduate Course, 2010 Everything you always wanted to know about  ... diverticular disease

8th Postgraduate Course, 2009 'New Trends in Colorectal Treatment'

7th Postgraduate Course, 2008 'Basics on Functional Disorder'

6th Postgraduate Course, 2007 'Colorectal Nightmares'

5th Postgraduate Course, 2006 'Crohn's disease'

4th Postgraduate Course, 2005 'Proctology'

3th Postgraduate Course, 2004 'Rectal Cancer'

2nd Postgraduate Course, 2003 'Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery - Where are we now ?'

1st Postgraduate Course, 2002 'What should the surgeon know about Abdominal Stomas ?'