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  • Published: Tuesday, 13 October 2009 02:00
  • Written by Eonix RBSS Support
  • 13 Oct


The Section aims to develop the speciality of breast surgery and to improve its quality in Belgium.
The Section aims to represent breast surgeons from Belgium.
Members of the Board will be delegated to establish and maintain relations with Belgian, European or other national and international organisations, societies and councils.

Improved quality of breast surgery will be based on increasing knowledge and skills as well as on continuous survey and audit of training and practice.
The Section will make efforts to improve training in breast surgery. The Section will contribute to the selection and implementation of criteria (taking into account international criteria).
The Section will contribute to the survey (audit) of breast surgery in Belgium. These efforts will be performed in close collaboration with all councils, boards and governmental organisations already involved or having information.
The section promotes the recognition of breast surgery as an subspecialty in Belgium.


Ann Smeets, President
Jan Lamote, Vice-President
Marjan Vanhoeij,Treasurer
Marie-Rose Christiaens,member
Thierry Defechereux, member
Jean-Marie Nogaret, member
Luc Proot , member
Robert Sacré, member
Joseph Weerts, member

Scientific Activities

The scientific objectives of the Section are to improve knowledge of breast surgery and breast pathology.
Scientific meetings and workshops will be organised either for all members or for working groups. Scientific meetings of the Section will be organised in the context of the scientific program of the Belgian Royal Society for Surgery.
The Section will organise and support clinical or experimental studies in the field of breast surgery, following the rules specified in the appendix.
All scientific projects organised in the name of the Section and their results must be submitted to and approved by the scientific committee, before national or international presentation or publication.
Any Full member can submit a scientific project to the board of the Section. The rules in the appendix have to be respected, as well as for publications or presentations of a study project in name of the Section.


To become a member of the BSBS, please contact the Secretary of the section.