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17th Postgraduate course BSHBPS

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  • Published: Monday, 17 July 2017 13:09
  • Written by Annette Hirsch
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Robert DELPERO (Marseille)


               Cercle de Wallonie – Namur

Course coordination: Troisi RI, Dili A, Sergeant G


I Session: Liver

Moderators: A. Dili & O. Detry

9:00       Chemotherapy approach to CRLM                                                                   (J.L. Van Cutsem)

9:25       Indications, timing and results of intra-arterial radiation therapies                    (A. Hendlisz)

9:45       Is there any role for stereotactic external radiotherapy?                                   (M. De Ridder)

10:05     How to improve the resectability: the challenges                                              (V. Lucidi)

10:30    Coffee break

 II Session: Biliary

 Moderators: V. Lucidi & C. Hubert

11:00     Intra-arterial chemotherapy for HCC/CRLM                                                       (M. De Man)                                

11:25     Role of ablation therapies for HPB malignancies                                               (B. Van den Bossche)

11:50     Resectability of the Klatskin T and perioperative strategies                               (X. Rogiers)

12:15     Photodynamic therapy for cancer of the biliary tract: an outdated technique?   (A. Wagner-Salzburg)

 13:00    Lunch

III Session: Pancreas

Moderators: R. Delpero & J. Weerts

14:15     Chemotherapy/chemo radiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer                                (JL Van Laethem)

14:45     Borderline: for one is resectable, for the other not!                                                                       (B. Topal/ F. Berrevoet)

15:05     Role of vein and arterial vascular reconstructions in advanced pancreatic cancer                       (R. Delpero-Marseille)

15:30     IRE for non resectable pancreatic tumors: revision of the literature and single center results     (H. Sheffer -Amsterdam)


 Closing remarks                                                                                                                                        (Gregory Sergeant)


Practical Information

Registration via email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via fax to : 02/374.96.28, mentioning name of participant, with or without lunch option.

Scientific programme:  For RBSS members :                                        Free

                                        For non-members of the RBSS :                      50,00 €

Lunch for members and non members :                                         25,00 €

Payment by bank transfer onto BE16 3101 6587 8574 of the BSHBPS.

Thank you.